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In 1857, Powell, Ohio got its name from a forward thinking Judge Thomas Powell who believed the village needed a post office. Seeing the value in communication and progress the local folk renamed the village to celebrate their pioneer. Many years later Powell has remained a small village despite incredible growth.  A tribute to the small town, the four way stop in the center of town has been fought for and protected for decades. It remains intact.

On one of these sacred corners, The Powell Office of Cutler Real Estate has made its home. We have partnered with agents that have chosen to make Powell their home in a domestic way/ or business way. As the office manager, Deb Saczawa proclaims the many reasons to reside and work in this amazing area as she proudly does herself.

Mirroring the four corners, our Powell office believes in four values that make our environment the most appealing to our talented staff and amazing sales team:

Our people. Like the Village we reside in we are growing. We are attracting and will continue to attract like-minded, professionals that share a desire for achievement and growth. We provide a progressive work environment with state of the art technology and dedicated support staff.

Our Mission. For our Associates, to help you thrive in life and business with purpose and passion. For our Clients, to simplify the complicated real estate transaction, while creating an exciting and enriching experience.

A voice.  All our associates, administrative support and Realtors have a voice and a meaningful impact on our office and our direction. We recognize that great decisions come from all sources and allowing a voice to be heard is key to attracting talented individuals.

Team. Together everyone achieves more. So true. And although we are attracting rock stars we know the band makes it all come alive. Our team approach means everyone is on board, supporting each other, helping each other be their best. Office Realtors meet weekly to exchange information and connect. Our associates have ongoing support and accessible leadership. Our spirit of collaboration and community sets us apart. That spirit spreads to our town and inspires us to be involved with many of Powell’s associations and activities. Our partnership is growing and the possibilities are bright. We are stronger, better together.

Our office is a destination. It’s a statement. And very much an experience. One you shouldn’t miss.

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Deb Saczawa

Office Manager | REALTOR® 614-296-5970