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Culture is important at our corporate office. In asking our Realtors to describe our office Culture in one word, the most common descriptions were Friendly, Helpful/Supportive, Integrity, Resilient, and Independent. As the manager, my core value is Dependability. It’s important for our staff to be well-versed within the Real Estate industry to support the needs of our Realtors and be there when needed.

Our mission is to help our Realtors thrive in life and business with purpose and passion. We are unique in the fact that we have all of our company’s department leaders under one roof. Not only does this create a diverse and supportive environment, but we also have a lot of fun. Some things that come to mind…potluck luncheons, March Madness, a ‘Hug it out’ Monday, a ‘WIG Wednesday,’ or a ‘Flippin’ Friday.’

As both individuals and as an office, we are very involved in the local community. This includes fundraisers, school functions, local marathons, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, animal shelters & pet adoptions, veterans groups and many more. Real estate isn’t just a career, it’s a lifestyle, and at Cutler, we are a family.

Jordan Howell

REALTOR® 330-495-9139

Jason Wooden

REALTOR® 330-491-2841

R Scott Johnson

REALTOR® 330-904-8331

Amanda Smith

REALTOR® 330-203-9558

Shaundle Pruitt

REALTOR® 330-696-0219

Stephanie Weston

REALTOR® 330-934-0299

Aubrey Patton

REALTOR® 330-495-0529

Cindy Pascu

REALTOR® 330-575-4269

Erica Britton

REALTOR® 330-612-2405

Annette Hexamer

REALTOR® 330-844-2968

Julie Smith-Geiser

REALTOR® 330-324-1871

Melina Parker

Realtor® 330-243-5074

Jim Hinton

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-338-5098

Polly Lorenzo

REALTOR® 330-354-7014

Mackenzie Fout

REALTOR® 330-546-5091

Traci Kleve

REALTOR® 330-338-2756

Lise Kernan

REALTOR® 330-418-5511

Brittany Wackerly

REALTOR® 330-437-5353

Katie Kaszyca

Kaszyca Real Estate Listing Partner & Buyer Specialist | REALTOR® 330-936-5433

Rhesa Toth

REALTOR® 330-323-2432

Doie Shanklin

REALTOR® 330-492-7230

Tina K. Cotopolis

REALTOR® 330-418-2152

Frankie Devine

REALTOR® 440-785-7505

Lyndsey Rainey

REALTOR® 330-324-8265

Stephanie Owens

REALTOR® 330-232-6855

Cindy Franz

REALTOR® 330-605-2651

Matthew May

REALTOR® 330-934-9073

Cory Dillon

REALTOR® 330-205-4929

Nikki Harris

REALTOR® 330-853-9364

David Lyngholm

REALTOR® 330-575-6396

Katie Hendricks

REALTOR® 304-617-5736

Rana Tawil

REALTOR® 330-418-0387

Vicki Becherucci

REALTOR® 330-327-5403

Diann Stalder

REALTOR® 330-806-4796

Ashley Calabris

REALTOR® 330-356-9117

Niki Mills

REALTOR® 330-327-9398

Ginger Kuhn

REALTOR® 330-575-7011

Julie Rearick

REALTOR® 330-418-7452

Andy Camp

Partner | President | REALTOR® 330-352-6418

Christina Spurr

REALTOR® 330-904-0919

Terri Macioce

REALTOR® 330-936-3396

Julie Kaszyca

Kaszyca Real Estate Team Lead | REALTOR® 330-353-5206

Jason Lacourt

REALTOR® 330-605-5132

Debbie Bachtel

REALTOR® 330-495-3801

Zelda Ensign

REALTOR® 330-418-5110

Jean Wackerly

REALTOR® 330-417-8649

Michelle Natoli

REALTOR® 724-316-5744

Amy Simler Webster

REALTOR® 330-933-2157

Brittany Gage

REALTOR® 716-548-1345

Tim Beck

REALTOR® 330-327-8307

Mary-Margaret Evans

REALTOR® 330-495-1988

Ellen McNally

REALTOR® 330-492-7230

Seth Reed

REALTOR® 330-705-9637

Andrea Smith

REALTOR® 330-309-3903

Dianna Porterfield

REALTOR® 330-268-2542

Jeff DeWitt

IT Support Specialist 330-689-5061

Nancy Glass

Office Admin 330-491-2829

Jim Hinton

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-338-5098

Ryan Maurer

Marketing Director 330-491-2713

Debbie Montague

HR Director and Operations Manager 330-491-2705

Terri Shoemaker

Relocation Director | REALTOR® 800-444-8999

Miranda Smith

Administrative Assistant 330-491-2736

Suzi Stepanovich

eCommerce Manager | REALTOR® 330-491-2818

Vicki Vinci

Closing Officer 330-491-2739